Wednesday, October 3, 2012

You are being watched

Neither scanning or clicking with the camera does justice to the colours. It looks different in reality. A little unfinished but I like it like this :)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Long Lost Friends

The house in which I used to live as a kid had a beautiful garden in front of it. Loads of trees surrounded my house. And most of the times, I would sit in my balcony and talk to them. I don't know why, maybe because sometimes I felt lonely. But it felt great. Now when I think of it, it feels dumb but still I kind of feel I had a connection with them. A part of me I guess never wants to grow up.

They were there
When hope was nowhere
Standing tall and lonely
All of them together lifeless but full of life

Watching me and maybe listening to me
Blank all of them till I started blabbering
The pains of a 10 year old
Trying to reason with the trees
And then I noticed them sway when I shed a tear
Or maybe my cries were too desperate
And ignorance took the better of me

Every other day I would come sing to them
Because no one else would listen
And they didn’t have a choice
They moved in unison as if out of appreciation
Maybe my ego was feeding me lies
Or maybe they did enjoy a melodious crow

They stopped moving when I was serious
Like it was mandatory to ignore the wind
While I groaned and moaned
And then one day I went away
Away to make sense

Maybe they missed me or maybe it was me again
But after a while when I showed up
They no longer wanted to be friends
While I selflessly hovered around waiting for an applause
They selfishly stood there obeying the wind

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Illustration for Wish

A sketch for my poem, Wish.....

In the Sky

To the times when there was a world above the clouds.... when nobody knew what layed above.........when imaginations ran wild without the weight of logic.... to the times when logic was our creation and imagination was a compulsion....

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Wrote it in a super angry mood.....

I'm not dying because of you
To save you from some guilt
Which I know is anything but true
Breaking the castle of illusions that I built
I'm not opening these veins for you
Its me that I sought to revenge
Painting the red on my heart's blue
Forcing off this veil of pretense
I'm not silencing these beats for you my dear
Punishing myself one last time
For leaving me with loneliness and fear
And taking away all that was mine

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Let's all imitate
What's wrong in believing
Everything around you is just for you
You lent it to the world
To follow the script
The script of the REAL almighty
Let's pretend
Yay!!!! world let's go
Bring out your best disguise
Let's laugh till it becomes real
Let's cry till we get the right reason
Enjoy the foulness of our soul's hollowness
Let's pretend to know
The meaning we keep talking about
Smother your lips with the asses
Asses we pretend to live for
Let's live it through
The pretension without suspicion
Let's enjoy the laughter
Till we know its ourselves
We are winking at